Monday, August 22, 2011

Ibu Teishoune's Rebirth


I'm Ibu Teishoune's Creator and her voice bank donor.
So I released her around September 24, 2009 almost 2 years ago.
It's been so long and so sorry for neglecting her. *Bows* m(_ _)m
Anyways I noticed a bunch of people love her so~

I decided to fix her for real.

It's Ibu Teishoune's rebirth

So I will Update her in terms of~

♪ Upgraded Clothes
♪ Her own Official Art and stuff
♪ Updated Voice Bank which I recorded in a recording studio at school.
♪ PV for Ibu Teishoune on her story

If possible if there is someone to help me with mmd model for her and someone
who knows at least a bit of utau to make her sing so I can do a simple animation PV for her.

I will keep this blog updated as much as I can!

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