Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ibu Teishoune's Act 2 First Song Debut

I'm very happy Ibu is back! Me, Doll, and Renatan working on Ibu Teishoune together.
Her act 2 will be released soon with her official pose.

From Renatan's youtube video:

 逆さまレインボー Sakasama Reinboo [Utau - ibu teishoune]

"So this is Ibu Teishoune singing Reverse Rainbow aka Sakasama Reinboo.
She's singing Rin and Miku's part. Its been years since this song is released and should've been posted years ago but hankyou stopped focusing on Utau & Vocaloids but what the heck all vocaloid/utau songs are still awesome no matter how many years it has been. Vocaloid Classics are the best too.

Btw this is her Act 2 Voice bank hasn't been released yet.
Me and Hankyou are still testing out some stuffs so till further notice though you can check out her blog for updates and I'm sure Ibu Act 2 VB will be out soon.

It was also stated on ibu's creator. On ibu's clothes the red parts can actually change color depending on ibu. But ibu prefers it to be red most of the time but its suppose to be grey. This is ibu's act 2 official clothes btw (still has the maestro like shirt but isnt seen here

This actually my 2nd attempt on utau the first one was 2 years ago. I never really got to understand utau back then and the fact that it wasnt even in japanese/english all I see was a bunch of characters I dont even know what it is.
Still a bit noob on utau though.

All in all this video was made in 2 days.
1 day for drawing the video, and then
1 day for recording ibu's voice bank with Hankyou & Doll, doing the oto.ini files in utau and making her sing then compiling.

I thought at first the song is about 2mins+ then I realized I downloaded the wrong mp3 and just noticed the original video was about 5mins+.
So thats why the video kinda got a bit repetative I had no time to redraw and the fact I closed Sai already at that part I dont wanna redo it I was too tired.
I ended up sleeping at 5am and waking up around 12pm for 2 days. @_@
I did not finish watching the full pv of the original video only skimmed a few and made my own version.
used about 200 diff (images/frames/pictures) for this video.

I also tried using 2 diff ust's one from yesi and one from i found in mediafire though the mediafire one took a little longer since the ust is broken down on about 18ust's more or so and the timing is off which took longer.

Programs Used:

Paint Tool Sai - Drawings
Paint - Copy + Paste + Save - Each and every picture >~<''
Utau - making ibu sing
Audacity - mixing + rendering
Windows Live Movie Maker - Compiling all


 逆さまレインボーSakasama Reinboo (Reverse Rainbow) lyrics and music by  すんzりヴぇrP (sunzriver)
original video:

Ibu Teishoune VB - Hankyou & Doll

Ust & Karaoke:
Yesi-chan(a.k.a. gaticaeitan)

Her Official Websites:"

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